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Locked: comment to be add

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+ From now (11/09/12) i will post my graphics here due to some stealing. Graphics posts will be public until the next one.

++ If you want to add me feel free to do it BUT PLEASE comment first. I don't mind if it's just for my graphics but leave a comment here so i know you're not a creep (sort of).

++ All in all, DO NOT add me without commenting first, cause chances are that i won't add you back. +

++ Personal posts and locked.

+++ Fandoms: Sons of Anarchy, Dc Comics, Marvel, The Host, Game of Thrones, Teen Wolf, Star Wars, The Borgias, Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, Friday Night Lights, Being Human UK/US, Skins, Avengers, Dark Knight.

edit of June 23th: comment are now screened until I answer
Tags: !friends only, bitch please, blah blah blahhh, so get over it
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